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HF Induction Heater

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· Manufacturing Machinery
· Specifications :
- input power 300KVA, input voltage 220 ~ 440V, 3 phase & 50 ~ 60Hz
- high frequency equipment : 2,600 × 1,700 × 2,000mm
- machinery equipment : 1,800 × 2,300 × 3,800mm.
High frequency heat treater of multi-step movable heating type by hardening the surface of parts of machines. High frequency heat treater aims at improving toughness and heightening the quality of machine. High frequency heat treat makes use of the method of high frequency induction heating, and after it heats rapidly the surface of work up to about 900 degrees, it cools off rapidly with water or quenching oil, thereby yielding a hardened layer on the surface of the product.
Movable heat treater has two types: one is work coil is static, while work is moving (in case the size and weight of the product is small) and the other is static while work coil is moving (in case the size and weight of the product is big). Hansung high frequency is producing both types of heat treaters.
By using the theory of high frequency induction heating, this equipment is designed and manufactured to make heat treatment of grinding stick, gear, shaft and similar form of products. This equipment is largely composed of and other auxiliary equipments. For better quality of products, AC servo motor is used, and touch screen allows to set up heat treatment section, moving section, time and high frequency output.