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What's wood pellet?

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Clean wood bio fuel manufactured in a certain size after crushing the lumber produced from the forest or byproduct from sawmills into the sawdust and compacting under high temperature and pressure.

Wood pellet
Since wood pellets are compacted and produced in small and uniform size,
  • · It is possible to store lots of pellets in small space,
      downsize the heating device and automate feeding fuel.
Since wood pellets are produced using the renewable timber resources,
  • · They are eco-friendly fuel reducing the green house gas as alternative of fossil fuel,
      don't emit harmful gases including sulfur dioxide
      and don't affect the food problem.
Since wood pellets can utilize the output leftoverafter afforestation
or waste from sawmilling,
  • · They contribute to recycling the resources and help create jobs for regional forest industry.
Life of wood pellet
Wood pellets manufactured by drying and forming the byproducts after logging or sawdust from sawmill go through the combustion and then supply the energy, and the dioxide and ash return to the forest.
  • Forest
  • Carbon
  • Ash reside(ash)
  • Combustion
  • Output leftover after afforestation
  • Waste from sawmilling
  • Household (100m2 area)
  • Heat energy
  • Pellet boiler
    (6 TON in yearly pellet consumption)
  • Crush & Dry
  • Pellet forming
    (About 10% in
    moisture content)
Uses of wood pellets
Used for various purposes of household heating, public buildings, industrial facilities, cogeneration plant, etc and supply the economical clean energy to the consumers.
  • Controlled
  • Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Small
  • Household
  • Cogeneration

Ingredients of wood pellet

Ingredients of fuel / Specification
Division Specification
Main ingredients Saw dust
Heat value 4,500 kcal / kg
Moisture content Less than 10%
Pellet size 6×10 / 5×20 mm

Comparison of the calories of the wood pellet

Fuel name Unit heat value
Wood pellet 4,500 kcal / kg
Diesel 9,044 kcal / ℓ
Lamp oil 8,800 kcal / ℓ
Kerosene 8,900 kcal / ℓ
LPG 12,000 kcal / kg